The HOOT! 2019 Gala Auction in Seattle on Saturday was a night filled with laughter, jubilant screams, lots of hugs, and tears of happiness. Below is the video J.B. played right before people raised their paddles to donate to Hope, Love, and Home for more chimpanzees coming to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest!

At the event, I told the story of how I have been connected to Honey B the chimpanzee before ever meeting her in person. I'll leave that improbable story with just the event attendees for now.

I began by telling attendees that I don't believe in fate. One thing I do believe in, however, is people coming together to create a better life for others. Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is able to help more chimpanzees now only because of the support from the hundreds of people who donate their time, money, and expertise. The news below is for you.

Diana Goodrich


We are so excited to announce that three more chimpanzees will be coming to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest! Just a few weeks ago, we received a call from Matthew Simmons, who is the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Wildlife Waystation in California. Matthew is working with veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Richard to improve conditions for over 400 animals at the Waystation. Part of that process is assessing whether some of them can move to good, established sanctuaries. They recognize that the housing for the 42 chimpanzees currently living at the Waystation is vastly inadequate and that all of the chimpanzees there deserve more space and greater environmental stimulation.

Thanks to everyone who has donated towards our Bring Them Home Expansion Campaign, Phase 1 of the expansion is almost complete, with the plans for the next phases in the hands of the engineer. We now need to build a chute system that connects Phase 1 with Young’s Hill. This will allow a group of three deserving chimpanzees the experience of walking on grass for the first time in decades!

One of those three chimpanzees is a chimpanzee who just turned 30. Her name is Honey B and she was taken from her mother the day she was born in a laboratory in upstate New York called LEMSIP. Honey B and 31 other chimpanzees went to Wildlife Waystation in 1996 when LEMSIP closed.

Here's the additional heartwarming part of this announcement: Honey B’s mother is Missy - the same Missy who runs at full speed across Young’s Hill and has been enjoying her sanctuary life at CSNW for eleven years. Missy did not have the opportunity to raise her daughter, but they will now be able to get to know each other as adults.

We are working hard to bring Honey B and her friends Willie B and Mave to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in just a few months.

If you were unable to attend the amazing HOOT! event on Saturday, but would like to celebrate this news with a donation, please don't hold back! We need your help to prepare for the arrival of the three new chimpanzees. We can't wait to get to know these special chimpanzee people and tell you all about their personalities.


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